These are a few of my my favorite things….

Do you just have those things that you love? That just make you smile or do a little skippy when you see, taste or smell them? I do and thought I would share, (just in case anyone is wondering since Valentines Day is coming…)


My PhatStrap Camera Strap This one just makes me happy when I look at it! You can choose from lots of fun fabrics and a neat minky liner. (Mine is Esmerelda in Black with Orange Minky)  I loved is that I could order a longer camera strap so I can wear my camera on my hip. Super Comfy and spiffy.

Dolce and Gabana Light Blue I’m not really a fragrance girl, (was a hippie in high school and liked patchouli but kind of outgrew that one) but after getting a whiff of my daughters beautiful friend Malloree, I had to have some for my own. Light, earthy, fresh and just perfect!

Vintage Pearl Jewelry
Not a big jewelry girl either BUT I LOVE these simple little charms and chains. Very romantic and very sentimental,so meaningful. Handmade by a cool mom and very reasonably priced. You really should buy your girl one of these ! 

Starbucks is always good for some inexpensive therapy. (Double good if they write my name on the cup.) Simply inhaling the Starbucks fumes at the drive through is an immediate mood lifter. My husband (who doesn’t even drink coffee) has memorized my very favorite drink order and treats me according to my behavior! Sugar free-nonfat-extra hot-cinnamon dolce latte with one splenda… 18 syllables but it sure is good…

Orbit Bubble Mint Dirty mouth? Seriously this gum makes me happy. It is pink and a little minty and I can blow bubbles that don’t stick to my face. I always have some floating around in the bottom of my bag.

Thomas Donuts on Laguna Beach, Florida
Hands down, the most amazing donuts I have ever eaten and I have eaten my share! (Of course the fact that you eat them at little weather beaten picnic tables looking out at the ocean does not hurt) Thomas Donuts has been in business since 1961. Try the apple fritter, you will want to slap your Mama! (but don’t!) Dad’s favorites are the blueberry, but the key lime and peaches and creme are amazing. Trust me on this, if you go anywhere near the gulf coast send the early bird out to get some donuts!

My Tervis Tumbler 
Okay, as I mentioned in an earlier blog. sometimes it is the simple things. I love my Tervis Tumbler. It travels everywhere I do. It keeps hot things hot, cold things cold and never ever sweats. It also fits into my drink holder very nicely. If you don’t have one, RUN to Bed Bath and Beyond (but first clip a 20% off coupon, they are not cheap) and grab one. You can get them with your favorite team, palm trees or even your initial like mine! As an added bonus you will get to say the words Tervis Tumbler multiple times after you get one.

So these are a few of my favorite things, what are a few of yours?
P.S. I’m not getting a kick back for my promotion, just thought I would share for fun!


3 responses to “These are a few of my my favorite things….

  1. I just did the exact same post a few days ago. Love doing them!

    Thank you for sharing yours as well! It is always fun seeing what things people like.

  2. bahhh i love you and thank you for the shoutout 🙂

    you inspired me to do this too and to keep my blog updated regularly.

    love you!

  3. love the collage… and this is a neat way to learn about you… i too, love me my starbucks! just this morning, i sacrificed a shower so that i would have time to get one… cinnamon dolce latte… yum.

    thanks for linking up for my blog-hop! hope you were able to travel around a bit and visit some fun new places… 🙂

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