Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice….

February 1st, 1990, 4:02 am,  after 27 hours of labor, a  screaming, pink, redheaded baby girl came into the world. We named her Alyssa Brooke Adams and took her home on her brothers 2nd birthday.  A girl, a daughter, a little sister….

We went from one child to two and pretty much chaos ruled the day in the Adams Casa…..and we loved it. That beautiful hair, big green eyes,  and those Michelin Man thighs.
 Protected by her big brother, Tanner and adored by her parents, Alyssa grew into an entertainer. Always performing, (she and her brothers video taped shows are legend) or creating and always dramatic, there was never a dull moment.  Quirky, funny, adorable, a bit of a daredevil and a Ginger all rolled into one!
I can’t imagine life without my daughter,( although I feared having one.) I feared the battles, the conflict, the “I hate you moments”, the hormones, the boys, the competition…. 
But love conquers all things and these fears lasted only a moment, replaced by joy, love and pride. ( and a healthy dose of humble pie and patience)
My daughter is many things. She is smart, strong and beautiful. But she is also, hilarious, sensitive, compassionate and talented! She has a mature faith and a great sense of fun. She is NEVER LATE, is creative, determined and is someone her friends can count on.      I like her.

I adore laying on her bed listening to her latest news and sharing the trials and triumphs of her life. I would lay down my life for my daughter. So on this day, I celebrate her birth and her life. I thank God for every minute I have with her.
February 1st 2010, 4:02 am, I no longer am the mom of teenagers….
Happy Birthday Lyssie!


6 responses to “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice….

  1. okay…not particularly about Alyssa, but your blog reminded me about something

    We were on our way to take Tanner home, and Mom stopped by Wendy’s and got you a large frosty. I said “I think I’d like a frosty too, mommy” and she said “this is for Miss Sandi. When you have a baby in your tummy, you can have a frosty, too”

    And I’m not going to let her forget it.

  2. Oh Sandi I just cried watching . Yes she is a blessing !! she has been blessed to have Tanner as a big brother , you as a awesome mother and last but not least David as her earthly father ! God Bless you all
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! JANICE

  3. i just teared up watching this. i love the love and relationship that you and lys share. it’s so sweet.

    love you!

  4. What a sweet, sweet, tribute to your little punctual Princess! What a beautiful child, what a beautiful young lady, what a beautiful “mirror” her mother is! Happy Birthday Alyssa!

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