For Better or For Worse…

David the night I met him.

It was 1980.   I met him at a wedding rehearsal….I was running late…. I was wearing brown corduroy pants, a tan corduroy blazer and cowboy boots… He was the Best Man and I was the Maid of Honor.  He caught my eye… I caught his… We went out after the rehearsal and back to his apartment. He played The Innocent Age by Dan Fogleburg.  We talked……..both having recently left “relationships”.
So began, the friendship, courtship, engagement and eventually marriage between   David Allison Adams and Sandra Lynn McEver.
A deep thinker, a ladies man, an athelete, funny, an outdoors man, a music lover, romantic, indifferent, a bit wild,  he eventually proposed to me………

I accepted.

We  married January 11th, 1986 on a beautiful sunny winter day and began our marriage skiing in Lake Tahoe and spending a week in San Francisco. A year later built a house, a year after that had a beautiful baby boy,  followed two years later by a beautiful baby girl….

24 years have passed. TWENTY FOUR YEARS!! Years of blessings,  laughter, tears,  joys, trials, sadness, loss, good times, bad times, of little and of much.  Years of so many memories and adventures with this man. A man with deep faith and acknowledged flaws. A man who was the best father anyone could ask for.  A man who has not only tolerated all of my ideas, plans and projects but has never failed to support the same. A man who worked hard and provided so I could stay home with our children, and pitched in when back to work I went, who loved and respected my parents, who has been my partner.    A man who makes me laugh, who has held me when I cried. Such a good man, a man I respect.

Twenty four years. 8,760 days…Of breakfast, illness, hilarity, travels, sick kids, wild kids, funerals, weddings, grocery stores, automobile disasters, homeowner disasters, vacations, school events, traffic, arguments, surprises, challenges, meals and everything in between. All the little moments of life.

We are not rich and we are certainly not famous.You won’t read about us in the paper. We aren’t world travelers or corporate executives. We are two people who are fortunate to have made a commitment of “for better or for worse” and took it to heart.  We have a good life.  We are happy with simple things and time together. We have a beautiful family and wonderful friends.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Happy 24th AnniversaryAs we hiked today at our beloved Red Top Mountain, we talked about our 50th Anniversary….I liked that.
So to my Big Yahmo, Happy Anniversary, I Love You,  I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thanks for choosing me….


6 responses to “For Better or For Worse…

  1. Sandi, I now have tears in my eyes! You should be on the Payroll of Hallmark Card Co… Happy Anniversary to you two.

  2. What a way to start the morning…crying over my coffee and PJ’s. What a beautiful tribute, to a beautiful life together. Happy Anniversary sweet friend!

  3. This sums up our wonderful life together my love and my best friend, we have experienced so much in these short 24 years and like I said yesterday I am going to cherish the next 26 plus with my Little Yahmo, their is no one like you my sweetheart, I will love you for Eternity…God Bless you especially today my love..

  4. Okay, I was already crying over your Haiti blog, the tears became stronger when I read the amazing tribute to your “snickerdoodle,” but darnit David….did you have to go and throw in your two cents? Blubbering idiot now! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! Sandi, almost anyone can make me laugh; but you are one that makes me smile!

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