My Man Is Crazy About Football

I write this as Georgia Tech is entering half time of its first BCS Bowl game,  in a while. The Orange Bowl, They are playing the Iowa Hawkeyes in Miami, Florida. (Bet Iowa is glad, it is 48 degrees in Miami and 4 degrees in Iowa!) I can hear hubby yelling at the television. He coaches the players and keeps the refs in line from his sideline chair.

To understand my husbands love for ball, you have to look back more than a few years. He grew up with 3 brothers, Chuck, Bobby and Steve and was coached by his Daddy, playing every kind of ball possible. He had a stellar high school career and was recruited by many colleges.
As a little boy, his mama, Nan was close friends with the daughter of the great late Georgia Tech Coach  Bobby Dodd. (Her name was Linda and David’s sister is named after her. ) Well, those four little stair step boys were lucky enough to go see the Rambling Wreck play some fine games and then were able to go into the locker room and see the players. I can only  imagine what went through those little Adams minds as half dressed Georgia Tech players surrounded them. The sweat mixed with grass and dirty uniforms.  Big boys. In my mind I have imagined that they put their big helmets on those little crew cut heads, that maybe they put them in a jersey and gave them little football or something. They were heroes..
It was in those moments that the die was cast,… the future was laid. The entire Adams Family would be crazy about football, but even crazier about Georgia Tech football. Good, bad and ugly Georgia Tech football.( So crazy that this year our mantel has been decorated with Georgia Tech memorabilia since Paul Johnson started winning like a crazy man.)
It’s half time and the score is 14-7 and the bees are behind….not to worry though, Coach says they are a second half team! I love my husband and by marriage and the grace of God, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets…..bzzzzzzzzz

UPDATE: Well, it turns out the win just wasn’t in the cards. In the coldest Orange Bowl ever, Iowa beat the Jackets 24-14. Funny thing is, the defense showed up but the offense just couldn’t get it going..  Coach Adams took it pretty well, but then again he has had a lot of practice. Coach says, being a Tech fan ain’t for sissys…


6 responses to “My Man Is Crazy About Football

  1. I know exactly what you mean.

  2. It’s fun to be a fan… win or lose! …and there is always next year!

  3. JacketMomCamille

    Having been put in the position of defecting from the Dawgs to the Jackets by my sons, (if my money goes to Tech to educate them, I guess I need to yell for them on Saturdays…) I must say I’ve enjoyed the last 6 years–the good and the bad. I even have a yellow jacket proudly displayed in my den!

  4. Sandi
    From another Tech wife whose husband is obsessed with Tech football, i understand where you are coming from. Somehow i missed getting to got to the Orange Bowl but was glad to be home in my warm chair as Tech lost!

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