On the Eve of the New Year

I have recently taken to reading several blogs on creativity.  One had some interesting questions to reflect on the year past. I thought it might be interesting to journal them.
Creative 2009
1.How is where you are in life today different from where you were last December? WOW! One thing that is a major difference is that my life is not racing at the hectic speed that it was last December. Some serious stress issues were going on in our family. Between work, church service, community committments, Alyssa’s upcoming graduation and senior year, her dance competitions, household management, family and finances I thought I might not be able to hold it together!!
2.How are you different today, internally, than you were a year ago? I think for sure that my faith is stronger and more sure based on my RELATIONSHIP with Jesus and not on the “organization.” I know I am much calmer.
3.Of all you’ve experienced in the past year, what are you the most proud of? I am very proud of my childrens growth and maturity. It was a pleasure to watch them work through some difficulties and prevail stronger. I am proud of myself for perservering and relying on faith of the unseen.
4.What did you shy away from in 2008 that you wish you’d gone for? Hmmm, I had some opportunities to present at a major conference and I did not. While the timing would have put me in a real stressful period I think I would have been proud to have challenged myself a bit.
5.What did you learn about yourself this year? I learned that I am more than just a mom, that I have many creative ideas and talents yet to be explored.
6.Who impacted your life the most this past year? Wow, that is hard to nail down but truly my children impacted most of the years events. Both good and bad. The bad was difficult but we managed and the good is experiencing their growth in the journey they must take seperate from me.
7.What are the most important lessons you learned in 2008 that you want to be conscious of in 2009? I want to be more conscious of my time. Time spent with Dave and our friends. Time spent in service, time spent in worship and time spent in quiet.
8.What are you being called to next in your personal growth? That is easy. I know I am being called to my creative side.  A journey I began in my teens that I now have time to pursue. Pottery, drawing, jewelry making, painting, writing, photography!!
9.If you could create three things in your life the coming year, what would they be? a. Create a studio to work in. b. Adopt a new service possibility (Battered Womens Shelter?) c. Explore having my own business
10.What parts of yourself will you need to call upon to create those three things with wild success in 2009? Financial creativity, discipline, time management, prioritization.


One response to “On the Eve of the New Year

  1. Freda Williams

    Hi Sandi,
    I’m showing Donna how to comment on a blog and we decided to use your blog!
    Thanks for sharing!

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