The Ministry of Chicken Spaghetti…

Funny how something so simple as a pan of Chicken Spaghetti can be considered a ministry! For several years, anytime I haul out the big blue pan and put together a meal of Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti and Texas Toast, teenagers come out of the woodwork!! Seriously, I have fed up to 25 (remember the fishes and loaves!!) from this pan!
It is a simple recipe, consisting of a rather large block of Velveeta Cheese, Rotel, Spaghetti and some other mysterious ingredients that I will not reveal! Yet, it seems to contain a rather mystical draw to young people, particulary weary, cafeteria burned out college students. I thank God for this recipe.(graciously shared by my sister in law, Leiah)
It has brought many wonderful evenings with these amazing and precious young people. It is my prayer that they all know the most important ingredient in the Chicken Spaghetti is my LOVE for them! Definitely a batch in the works for the Christmas College Break!!

From 2008 Chicken Spaghetti Girls


2 responses to “The Ministry of Chicken Spaghetti…

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  2. always blessing my day!

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