Holding Pattern

Have you ever been in an airplane and the pilot announces that you are “in a holding pattern”? You just circle around and around not really sure when you are going to land. Sometimes, you might even end up landing someplace different than where you had planned!

Photo by brianwallace
Attribution-NonCommercial License

That is what my nest feels like right now. I find myself not sure where I am going to land from day to day. Some days, I am not even sure where I have been! I feel like this is such a reflective period in my life. Coming from such a long time of frenzied child centered activity it is such an odd thing to be still. It is almost like I have to give myself permission to NOT do anything.
I guess this is my new normal…the holding pattern.


2 responses to “Holding Pattern

  1. And I guess that it part of my unresolved issue with the Empty Nest — I am not prepared for a Holding Pattern after being in the Manic Frenzy that has been my life for the past 23+ years 🙂

  2. The way I look at it, when one is in the holding pattern it means you are still in the game.
    Maybe you have had to slow down and maybe your plans are not being fulfilled, but you are still able to do what you wish when the plane lands. or you are able to finish what you started another time.

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