My First Throw….

I could hardly wait to get to the Pottery Shed. Tonight I would FINALLY get to put my hands on the wheel. The last time I did this was 1976 in the Art Room with Virginia Ramsey at North Cobb High School. I remember because I made a coffee mug for my Dad. I made sure it was finished in psychedelic fashion and he still has it today. It holds pens and pencils at his house.
Because I had missed a class last week, I planned to work through the next class so I would have plenty of time. SO I hurriedly finished up my lizard-ivy project and cleaned up my table.
Patty sat at her wheel and showed me what to do. Instructions written on white board in the event I forgot. I put on my apron, got my bat, needle tool, sponge and rib. I wet my clay and started the wheel. Honestly, I can say that I totally went into another world while I was centering my clay. I had anticipated starting out with a ton of clay and ending up with a shot glass as my friend Lynn Graham would say. Or worse yet the whole thing would end up flying off the bat and onto someone else’s work!! But no, the clay was my friend and centered itself and slowly but surely became…..a salsa dish.

Encouraged by my success, I started another piece which due to the fact that it was no so perfectly centered became….a cream pitcher; this was followed by a coffee mug, a cylinder and a perfect cereal bowl.

This was what I have been missing for the past 32 years. Good thing I have another Fifty to perfect it….


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