The Slab

Next project…..THE SLAB! Sounded a little intimidating but the roller looked really cool. Once in class I got started by SLAMMING My clay down over and over to flatten it out. (that felt REALLY good) I then put it between two pieces of canvas and cranked it between the roller. Cool… Uniform flat clay. I then cut out a bottom and a rectangle and used a cardboard mold to make my base. I had sketched out some ideas for what I wanted to do and using Tanner and his love of lizards for my inspiration I wanted ivy with a lizard crawling down the side of the pot.
Little did I know that lizards were one of the master potter, Patty’s trademarks.

by Patty Caldwell

by Patty Caldwell

So here is what MY work ended up like.


2 responses to “The Slab

  1. Loves It!!! J.R. would be so proud!

  2. This is so awesome! What an artist you are, Sandi. I am glad to know you found yet another one to express your creativity. I just hope one little drop will brush off on me next time you stand close by.

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