My Sweet Phone

My Sweet Phone

As you all know, I AM a gadget girl. I have coveted the iPhone from the moment it arrived on the scene. (Roughly 2 months after I had just signed up for a new contract with Cingular/AT &T) But I patiently waited and sure enough one month before my birthday came the announcement I had been waiting for. The iPhone was now going to be available as a 16G phone and would come in WHITE!! Oh my Lord, and the PRICE HAD COME DOWN!!
This immediately became my short list for the Fiftieth Birthday present!! The day AFTER I received my birthday cash I SPRINTED to the AT & T store only to find that my contract would not be up for THIRTY more days!! WHAT!!!!??? Okay, I would survive, after all I had waited for almost 2 years!
Sooo you guessed it on the day of August 31st, I headed straight to the AT & T store where I received my beautiful WHITE iPHONE. Crazy I know, but for a gadget girl like me, it is the bomb!!


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