Pinch, Coil and Slab

When you first begin a pottery class you must be introduced to the basic handbuilding techniques BEFORE you can even think of touching the wheel.
My second piece to create was the coil. I came to class with a really great idea of building a large coil vase, smoothing it out and glazing it with something fabulous. Well, have YOU ever tried to roll out piece of clay in a smooth even coil. LONG enough and all the same size to create a LARGE pot!! I quickly realized that I needed another project.
I remembered Patty telling me that the clay would speak to me… She was right, it was screaming “EMPTY NEST, EMPTY NEST!!” So that is what I made. I created a coil nest and then began the very lengthy process of adding twigs. (MORE COILS!) When I finally finished I added a tiny pinch pot broken egg and a feather. Very symbolic. I felt like an artist again….


One response to “Pinch, Coil and Slab

  1. Hi Sandi,

    Love the “Empty Nest”. Talked to Leslie, she said you all tried to visit Junor in Decatur and it was closed on Sat. Sorry you missed the show. Let’s get together and raku when the weather warms up.


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