Our Journeys Begin…

The day had finally come. It was time to take our daughter to college. All of the events of the Class of 2008 had ended. The ball games, pep rallies, Prom, Graduation, the summer trip to New York. The shopping and endless paperwork was done.
We loaded down a van and my Rav and headed South on I-75 for 4 hours to Valdosta, Georgia home of the Valdosta State Blazers and future home of my daughter, Alyssa.

So many thoughts ran through my mind during the drive. What had I failed to tell her? Would she remember everything that I did tell her?! Would she be lonely, scared or love it so much that I would never see her again? It was a wonderful ride full of funny stories and future dreams. I will cherish those four hours forever.

Next morning bright and early we headed to Hopper Hall to join the other Freshman for MOVE IN!!
It looked just like the movies, girls with piles of objects on the curb and fathers hauling mini refrigerators and boxes up the stairs.
Okay is it a DORM or a SPA!!
Soon we were busy at work setting up her adorable room in all things hot pink and lime green.

Her roomie Anna arrived with her family and the fun began!!
and we were all having a great time until I realized, everything was put together, unpacked, stored and she was good to go.
It was time for me to leave. Even though I had a hard time breathing, I sucked it up like a good mom and let David lead me out the door… through the rain… to the car…..Bless his heart, I couldn’t really talk on the way home. Just intermittently cried and let the memories of 18 plus years run through my head and heart….
I’ve said it once and I will say it again. Being a parent is not for sissy’s………

PS If you want to see the whole trip click here.


2 responses to “Our Journeys Begin…

  1. Patti Dunnavant

    This is not like any dorm room I ever lived in. Wow, have things changed! My dorm only had 1 large community bathroom for 40 girls to share.

  2. This doesn’t look like any dorm room I ever lived in. Wow, things have changed. I had to share a community bathroom with 40 other girls.

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