My First Class

As I begin to adapt to the changes in my life this year, Baby Girl gone to college and turning 50 I felt the need to tap into my old creative self. I actually signed up for a pottery class and have found it to be a wonderful outlet.

The first night I attended I found myself feeling like it was my first day of school. I did not know any of the other students. I had not touched clay since playdo days with Tanner and Alyssa. But when I walked into the clay splatter, wonderfully messy studio called The Pottery House I knew I was home…

My instructor is Patty Caldwell. Patty Caldwell Turner has been a professional clay artist for 25 years. her work has been featured in galleries nationwide. Patty holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. Patty has been an art instructor with the Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Department since 1990. I like her 🙂

Okay so night one, first a little housekeeping. I was assigned my very own shelf and given 50 lbs of clay to use as I please for the next 8 weeks. (I find that significant, a pound for every year I have been on the planet.) My first assignment is a pinch pot. I take two balls of clay, dig my thumbs into the clay and form a primitive pot. Then I am to take the two pots and connect them. So pretty soon I am facing what appears to be a large baked potato. Then Patty tell me that I need to make this potato into some kind of animal, vegetable (already a potato) or mineral!!
After thinking a while, I think about the recent camping trip that Dave and I took to Cloudland Canyon and the owls that serenaded us nightly and decided on an owl. I found working with the clay a very satisfying experience and was sad when class was over.


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