I think Seasons are a wonderful thing. They keep us on our toes and when we think we can’t take another hot, cold, rainy (we wish) windy or gloomy day. The Season changes. I think our life is like that too. I look at the many seasons of my life and realize that I am a lot like the calendar seasons. I haven’t really changed colors and nothing has fallen off, but I have changed with the seasons of my life.
Right now, I am in a strange season. My children are yearning, fighting, screaming for their independence (separation?) from the family unit that I so lovingly and caringly crafted. Yet, I am still smack dab in the middle of all of the drama and consequences of loving them so.
Why can’t we separate? Why do we want to cling so tightly to those old moments, memories and emotions. I want to move forward but find myself looking back so often. I know this is a season but it is one with much disturbance and disarray.


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