The Beginning…

The week I turned 50 I began a new journey in my life. Faced with the reality that youngest, my daughter would be leaving for college four hours away from my watchful eye, I began the pursuit of a lifelong dream. To understand that dream, we need to flashback to 1976. I was an obsessed art student. My art teacher, Mrs. Virginia Ramsey was my mentor. I ADORED my art classes. So much that I took four of them each semester of my senior year.
I loved textiles, watercolor, drawing but I especially loved working with clay…

For what ever reason, there were many, I did not pursue college but went to work at an insurance underwriting company, met a guy, married, moved to Alabama, divorced, went to work at another insurance company and back to college at night, married the guy AGAIN. (I know a little slow!!), divorced AGAIN and slowly began to get my professional life on track with a couple of blessings in the form of fortune 500 companies that saw something in me. 
The next ten years I found great success in the area of sales and marketing, met a WONDERFUL man, married the WONDERFUL man, had a beautiful baby boy and a beautiful baby girl. My career was retired and I became a stay at home mom where my artistic ability was used to created fantastic birthday parties, arts and crafts projects, picked play-do out of the carpet, dressed up, ran PTA’s, Sunday school classes and a variety of other duties. In my spare time, I sold educational toys, did payroll for a local landscape company, became a certified Lamaze instructor, taught Lamaze and Breastfeeding classes, contracted with Microsoft to deliver presentations to schools and Senior adults, nabbed a job as a Tech Specialist in my local school district, started doing photography and video editing, moved into a Tech Project Specialist position, all the while taking care of business on the home front.

Years and years of soccer, baseball, football, Parent nights, track, chorus and dance performances later, I was presented with TIME to do what ever I wanted. Sooooo I signed myself up for a POTTERY class!!! This is where my story will begin………


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